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Dear Members,

This being the last newsletter during my tenure as Secretary IAMM, I must thank all the members for having placed faith in me, over the last three years. Here’s wishing all members and microbiologists across India a very Happy Dussera and Diwali 2012.

Dr. Sherwal, Dr. Renu Datta and their team have put in great effort to make the XXXVI Conference of the IAMM a big success and an event to cherish and remember. Hope we have all registered for the conference and secured our slots for the workshops, CME programmes and paper presentations. It was indeed a big surprise and a nasty one for many,  that these  slots closed much before time. It reflects the enthusiasm of young minds in Microbiology towards enhancement of knowledge. Nevertheless, attendance at the conference would surely open new doors to creative thinking and planning.

The student’s symposium is a new initiative that has started since the 2011 conference at BHU. The topic for the symposium revolves around  Antibiotic stewardship. I call upon the members of the association to send their ideas for the symposium in 2013, in response to the next newsletter in January, so that  ideas from members can be put to good use at the national platform.

Enjoy the cool… winter while it lasts, as we are poised to have fewer winters and long power hungry and thirsty summers in the  years ahead.

Meet with you all at the XXXVI IAMM New Delhi.

Dr. Ranganathan N Iyer
Secretary IAMM
Dr. Ranganathan N Iyer
Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Secretary IAMM
Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pul
Hyderabad – 500 004
Tel (Work): 91-040-30244505 / 506
Mob: 0 98496 90680

E-mail: ranganathaniyer@yahoo.com