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Recommended Uniform Constitution for State/Regional Chapters of IAMM


Objectives of the Chapter will be to propagate scientific study of Medical Microbiology by holding one annual meeting and smaller workshops, Symposia, CME programmes and updates. Maximum benefit wil be directed towards postgraduates and junior medical microbiologists. 


The Chapter will be constituted by only Honorary members who are essentially members of National level Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists. However attendance at scientific meetings will be open for all and will not be restricted to members only. 

Office of the Chapters 

Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer will be the Officers of the Chapter. Chapters will have option of having not more than 5 Executive Committee members who will hold office for 3 years. The Chapters will have the option of either electing their officers or they can be nominated by rotation or on the basis of being organisers of Annual Chapter Meetings. 

Duties of the Chairperson 

The Chairperson will generally supervise the activities of the Chapter. All workshops, symposia, CMEs and updates will need Chairperson’s sanction if these are to be held under the auspices of the Chapter. Funds permitting, the Chairperson will sanction financial assistance for the same. 

Duties of the Secretary 

The Secretary will look after the general secretarial work of the Chapter. He/She will officiate during the absence of the Chairman/Chairperson. 

Duties of the Treasurer 

The Treasurer will manage the accounts. All expenditures will be incurred under the authority of the Chairperson. Audited accounts will be presented every year at the time of Annual Meeting of the Chapter. 


Organisers of Annual Meetings of the Chapter will donate minimum of 25% of savings. Donation from all agencies will be accepted. Donations may also be received on account of awards in memory of personalities. Funds will be disbursed to the limit of interest accrued from the deposits without touching the deposits per se. Guidelines for fund disbursements for the year must be obtained in the Annual General Body Meeting. Basic heads could be secretarial assistance to the Chairperson, grant for scientific activities and various awards. 

Report to Parent Body 

The Chairperson/Secretary will ensure that report of all meetings is regularly submitted to the Secretary, IAMM for printing in the IAMM Newsletter.